LBM Complexes
LBM Complexes

Who are we?

LBM is a Quebec company specializing in the manufacture of hydroponic, ecological and local farming complexes, offering fresh products all year long, without GMOs or pesticides.



Ecological - Local - Pesticides Free
Ecological                        Local                    Pesticides Free

Our Complex

Our production complexes are built from recycled containers to give them a second life.


No more losses due to weather conditions

This way of doing things allows for a 100% controlled culture environment: humidity level constant temperature independent of the outside climate, maximum duration of sunshine, and reduced risk of contamination. It is therefore possible to install them in any environment, from arctic to desert


The production capacity of a complex of 10 units, for example, varies between 20,000 to 39,600 kilograms of leafy vegetables annually, depending on the varieties chosen.


The number of production units is variable to suit the specific needs of each customer, thanks to our unique modular concept. It is also possible to build vertically for a complex up to 6 story’s high.

La boite maraichère

Our Technology


  • Consumes less then 86% water then a green house or a conventional farming crop
  • We use high efficiency del light that reproduces the sun photosynthesis
  • Atomisation of the complex enables you to reduce on labor cost and control your optimal environment
  • Reduce the risk of losses
  • Maximise the surface of production by a unique Agro-food design



  • Quick ROI
  • Allows you to produce any where even in food deserts
  • GIves a constant production even in the toughest climats
  • Reduced risk caused by insect and animals
  • Import independance
  • 100% traceability
  • Limited transportation
  • Freshness of the yield guarantied
  • Superior quality, pesticide and GMO Free
  • Turn Key projects, including training

Suitable for all climat

Types of Crops

Currently, it is possible to grow most leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, arugula, Swiss chard, as well as herbs. We are currently developing other varieties such as strawberries, tomatoes and peppers


Contact-us for more details

Richard Giunta, President, Co-Founder:  514-570-2851(Canada)

Etienne Beauregard, Business Development Director, Brazil: 55-11-94294-8633